Master's of Art, McGill University (1998),
Bachelor's of Art, Moscow State University (1994),

Over 3 years successful experience in public relations, communications and administration;
Expertise in human resources, management and general office duties (such as duties of Human Resources Consultant, General Manager, Administrative Assistant, General office Clerk, Editor Assistant and other related positions).

English, French, Russian and Armenian, basic knowledge Slavic languages (such as: Polish, Ukrainian, Czech, Slovakian and other)

Working knowledge: Windows 95, MS DOS, EXCEL, Lotus 1,2,3.


  • Developed, implemented and evaluated communications strategies and programs designed to inform clients, employees and the general public of initiatives and policies of businesses;
  • Prepared and delivered educational and publicity programs to increase awareness of museum, galleries and other tourists attractions, and acted as spoke-person for an organization and answered inquiries;
  • Co-ordinating information to prepare and oversee preparation of reports, briefs, bibliographies, and speeches, presentations and press releases, and also publicity, fund-raising and information purposes;
  • Typed and proof-read correspondence, reports, statements, invoices, forms and other documents;
  • Received and forwarded tel./counter enquiries to appropriate person and provided general information to clients and the public;
  • Maintained and updated manual or computerized filling, inventory and mailing;
  • Performed routine bookkeeping tasks, sorted, processed and verified applications, receipts, expenditures, forms, etc.
  • Wrote and edited publications, evaluated suitability of material for publication
  • Made changes in content, style and organization of material, conferred it with autos
  • Negotiated royalties and copyright with authors

  • Adaptable, friendly, fair, accurate, team player and self motivated,
  • Quality oriented and willing to learn new skills, accept authority,
  • Hard working, analytical, ambitious and reliable individual.

General Manager 1994-1995
(Moscow Branch of East European and USA Company)
Moscow, Russia

Editor Assistant 1992-1994
"YA I MIR", Political and legal journal
Moscow, Russia

Moscow State University of International Relations, Russia 1998 - present
Continue of studies
Major: Law and State Administration

McGill University, Department of Slavic studies 1998
A Master's of Art degree diploma
Major: Slavic studies

Moscow State University, Humanitarian Department, Russia 1994
A Bachelor's of Art degree diploma
Major: Russian language and literature

Music, literature and sports

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