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        Over 15 years experience in processing of materials and technologies of semiconductors, thin films, surface coatings and surface modification

        Hands-on experience in operation of technological and testing equipment including vacuum equipment for deposition and etching of thin films, doping, electrochemical plating, CO2- and excimer lasers, SEM, x-ray diffractometer, etc.

        Experienced in design of experiments, data processing and analysis, development and implementation of technological processes

        Computer skills: MS DOS, Windows95/NT, MS Office, MS Excel, applied PC-based programs



        Study, development and implementation of technologies using laser processing and coating deposition

- Obtained thin films of Ti and Zr nitrides by interaction of CO2 and excimer laser beam with nitride forming metals (Ti and Zr) under nitrogen flow

- Deposited Si oxide and nitride films using irradiation of excimer laser (CVD technique)

- Processed polymer materials using excimer laser to modify surface properties

- Performed nitriding of carbon-, tool- and stainless steels by laser processing in the nitrogen atmosphere

- Hardened carbon- and alloy steels by irradiation of CO2 laser and plasma arc

- Cleaned and processed brittle materials (natural stones)

- Applied laser beam for dimensional treatment (hole drilling) and cutting of sheet metals and non-metal materials

- Plated electrochemically conventional and composite (with ceramic particles) Cr, Au coatings and alloy deposits Co-W, Ni-Cr and Ni-P

- Colored steels chemically/electrochemically

-   Developed and implemented blackening of steel blades for Bond America-Israel Blades Ltd.

-   Developed suitable applications of cathode arc PVD hard coatings such as TiN, TiAlN etc. and offered best solutions for customer needs





     Study, development and implementation of semiconductor technologies

- Developed diffusion technologies on PIN and APD InGaAs/InP epitaxial wafers, improved standard operation procedures, communicated with R&D department to verify and implement new solutions into production line

- Developed and performed Zn diffusion doping on GaP, GaAsP and GaAlAs epitaxial wafers and thermal annealing of semiconductors III-V

- Applied statistical (6 s) approach for analysis and optimization of technological processes including run charts, CNX, IPO, etc.

- Fabricated light-emitting diodes on GaAsP and GaP epitaxial wafers

- Carried out plasma and wet etching of silicon oxide and nitride films, silicon and semiconductors III-V

- Deposited (PECVD technique) Si-based dielectric films and amorphous Si to verify and optimize deposition parameters

- Produced waveguide ridges on CBE InGaAsP/InP wafers including cleaning, patterning, wet and dry (RIE 1000) etching and microscopic examination of ridges

- Developed and carried out VPE of GaInAsP, GaAsP and LPE of GaAs:Si and GaAlAs wafers

- Thinned and polished semiconductor samples

- Used experience to work in clean room environment


        Testing of materials and thin films

-         Examined morphology, microstructure and carried out elemental analysis using optical microscopes, SEM JEOL 840, 6300 and 6400 (image & EDX techniques)

-         Performed metallographic examination of metals

-         Analyzed phase composition, residual stress and lattice parameters using x-ray, diffractometer Phillips, the PW-1820 Brag-Brentano goniometer

-         Characterized thin films using stress analyzer, nanospec, ellipsometer, profilometer and FTIR-technique

-            Examined hardness, wear resistance and corrosion behavior

-            Used different analytical techniques including XPS, Auger, SIMS, TEM and electrochemical C-V method (Polaron) for material analysis and development of technologies





2001 - 2002 PerkinElmer Optoelectronics, Montreal

Senior Member Technical Staff. III-V Process Group. Diffusion

2000 2001 Sputtek Thin Film Hard Coatings, Toronto

Application Specialist

2000 Bodycote Ortech, Mississauga

Materials Analyst

1999 SEI Technologies, Toronto

Application/Engineering Consultant

1997-1998 Institute for Microstructural Sciences,

National Research Council of Canada, Ottawa

Technologist. Microfabrication Group



1991-1997             Israel Technical University (Technion), Faculty of Materials Engineering, Haifa, Israel

Project/R&D Engineer

1979-1990 Materials Engineering Centre, Moscow, Russia

Process Engineer, Senior Process Engineer/Scientist





1992, 1994 Qualification Courses on Materials Examination (SEM, EDX, X-ray, TEM).

Faculty of Materials Engineering, Technion, Israel


1979 Ph.D. in Materials Engineering.

Moscow University of Electronics Engineering, Moscow, Russia


1976 M.Sc. in Materials Engineering

Moscow University of Steel and Alloy Technologies, Moscow, Russia


REFERENCES Available upon request