Boris Gein
Marine Engineer, M.Sc.,
Far-Eastern State Maritime Academy, Russia (1974),
Certificate of competency First Class Engineer (1987),
Institute of International Management, St. Petersburg,
Russia (1990)

Experienced in:
- Consulting and Agent duties - "EXPRESS SHIPPING SERVICE, Inc.",
Linden, New Jersey, USA ( 1996-1997).
A Consulting Manager.
- Advised companies and individuals about tariff rates and preferable types of shipment
   for freight.

- Transfer and transit storage.
- Estimated and investigated overall rates for shipment, indicated time of shipping
   and freight specifications.

- Communicated with domestic clients.
- Represented our business interests as intermediates for foreign clients.

Administration and management - Shipping Company "FESMA", Vladivostok,
Russia (1992- 1996).
Head the Company established on the basis of the Marine Academy.
15 person of managerial staff and 230 seamen.

- Formulation policies, programs and procedures for transportation process, including
   schedules, rates, routes, assignment of vessel's administrative personnel.

- Submitting recommendations for development of and compliance with transportation
policies, procedures and programs.

- Negotiation with brokers, agents, representatives of ships owners.

- Planning, direction and co-ordination through subordinate personnel activities concerned
   with providing transportation process to obtain optimum efficiency
and economy of
   operations and maximize profits.

- Organization of commercial usage of vessels.

- Contracts for carrying trade with shipper and consignee.

Organization of Education and Training
Head of Department for External Relations of the Far Eastern Maritime Academy
Vladivostok, Russia (1989-1992).
Department was established for providing consultation and training to small business enterprises opened on the basis of the Academy as well as to joint ventures.
Planning, staffing and organization education and training for cadets on board the ships.
- Head of the project for mutual education and training on board the "FESCO" Company
ships for the cadets of the Far Eastern State Maritime Academy and
Australian Maritime College (Tasmania).

First Class Engineer activity - Far Eastern Shipping Company,
Vladivostok, Russia (1974-1989).
- Co-ordination activities of personnel involved in repair and maintenance of ship's

- Co-ordination through subordinate supervisory personnel activities of motormen and
engineers in repair, maintenance and installation of machines, tools and equipment.
- Supervision and co-ordination activities of crew engaged in operating and maintaining
propulsion and other engines, boilers, deck machinery, electrical, refrigerating and
    sanitary equipment aboard ship.

- Inspection of engines and other equipment.
- Repair machinery using hand and power tools.

Technical department of the Shipping Company "FESCO", Vladivostok, Russia
(1986- 1988).
- Took part in organizing of lighter system in Russian Far East.
- Development and implementation of new methods and procedures designed to improve
  operation, minimise operating costs, and effect greater utilization
of labour and materials.
- Repair and inspection of lighters.