Vitali Guitberg
MSc. (Central Asia Polytechnic University,
Tashkent, Uzbekistan, ‘58), Ph.D. (Academy of Architecture and Construction,
Moscow, Russia ‘69), Academic status averred as Senior Scientist (Moscow
‘78), Specialist in Systems Analysis ( Moscow Radio and Electronic
University, Moscow, ‘78) ., ...
Interests include systems analysis, artificial intelligence, architectural
and art design.

Selected Publications:
-"Systems design in construction field ". Application of a new "Total
Methodology of the computerised Systems Analysis and Design", to
architectural design and construction, Moscow-Leningrad, 1987.
-"Computerised method of scientific and technological progress
forecasting" "Forecasting for social sphere processes" Academy of Science of
the USSR, 1987.
-"The methods of application of computerised systems analysis for taking
into consideration environmental factors (macro and micro climate) in a
process of residential design" . International Symposium "Climatology in
Construction", Moscow, 1987.
"Computerised technology for design of residential buildings" (with L.Broner
and others). Application of computerised technology in construction,
GOSSTROI of the USSR, 1981, 128-130.
-The total Methodology of Systems Analysis and Design
-Research and Design in Architecture of Residential Construction
-Interior and Art Design
-Creation of Intelligent Information System for Employment Agencies,
Credential Assessment, Immigration.
-More than 50 scientific and research articles and monographs (published in
Russia, Uzbekistan, Czechoslovakia, Hungary)
-More than 100 architectural designs for construction in different regions
of the former USSR (such as Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia, Uzbekistan,
Kasakhstan and others). Most of them were build
-About 20 works in interior designs for public buildings and residential
houses (Moscow, Moscow region, Tashkent)

Systems Analysis and Design, Artificial Intelligence, Methods of
"Decision Making", Quality Assessment, Computerised Design.

DISK Co. Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 1994-present
Development and implementation of "the Methodical and Software Complex" for
Systems Analysis and Design of an Intelligent Information and Expert
Systems (author of methodology, algorithms and leader of works)

Central Research and Design Institute for Standard and Experimental Housing
Design, Moscow, Russia. 1970-1992.
-The total Methodology of the Systems Analysis and Design (author)
-Development of methodology of residential design in different local and
climate environment of various former USSR regions.
-Development and implementation of Computerised Residential Design.
-Research and working out of recommendations for residential design for
regular and extreme nature conditions of construction.

Works in field of Architectural, Interior and Art Design
Self-employed, Toronto, Canada, 1992-present
-Design, on site supervision, project management and interior design for
various king of properties (commercial and residential).
Central Research and Design Institute for Standard and Experimental Housing
Design, Moscow, Russia. 1970-1992.
-Design of prefabricated residential buildings and houses for different
regions of the former USSR.
Artistic Fund of Russian Federation, Moscow Branch
-Interior and Art Design and rendering for various buildings and houses,
such as clubs, concert halls, hotels, restaurants, resorts, homes and others

Architectural Studio of Architects Association of Moscow, Russia.
-Design and Site supervision number of buildings in Moscow and Moscow
Region (hotels, hospitals, residential buildings, government’s offices)
MSAD is "The total Methodology of Systems Analysis and Design". MSAD was
created on a basis of this Methodology with an idea to provide Computerised
System Analysis for any area of design processes..
MSAD (author - V.Guitberg) was published in articles and monograph during
period from 1966 to 1991 and was implemented in practice.
This Methodology includes:
- fundamental definition of the concepts of "design activity", "design
problem (task)", "design procedure (elementary task)"
- total algorithms of "design activity" and "design problem"
- specification of "design procedures" and their algorithms,
- universal Conceptual-Logical Structure of Knowledge Base (KB)
- formal procedure of computerised Systems Analysis for development of KB
and Intelligent Data Base.
MSAD was designed as an Artificial Intelligent System for application in
various creative activities, especially in "Decision-Making" processes.
MSAD can be considered as a highly effective means for creation of the
applied Information and Expert Systems, with a universal Conceptual-logical
structure of Knowledge Base (KB) and Intelligent Database (IDB), which
permits the User to evaluate the situation mostly precisely, to deliver
diagnosis and to give recommendations for decision-making and choice of
The MSAD allows to create such effective systems as:
- Expert systems, based on the computerised System Analysis,
- Intelligent Information systems.
MSAD was adapted to various subject areas in the following author's
- Project of the Intelligent Information System and computer programs for
implementation in the following fields: Job placement (for Employment
Agencies and Centres - program EMPAGE), Academic Credential Assessment -
program ACRA.
- Project of an Expert System for Medical Diagnostics and finding the
optimal treatment process
- Project of an Expert System for Planning and Building departments of