Guennadi Kouzaev

Gennum Corporation

P.O. Box 489, Station A, Burlington, Ontario

Canada L7R 3Y3

Phone: (905) 6322996 (ext.2249), Fax: (905) 6325946,



SUMMARY: Researcher/Engineer in the field of Micro-and Millimeterwaves, High-Speed Signal Processing, CAD of Microwave- and Logical Circuits for Electromagnetic Signals, Space Telecommunications


1992-1995                              Doctor of Sciences in Engineering: Computer and Control System Components/Microwave

                                        Electronics and Antennas (1998).

                                        Moscow State Institute of Electronics and Mathematics (Technical University), Moscow.

1980-1983        Philosophy Doctor in Physics and Mathematics: Radio Physics, including Quantum

Radio Physics (1986)

                                                  Institute of  Radio Engineering and Electronics, USSR Academy of  Sci., Moscow

1975 - 1980                              MS in Electrocommunication (1980)

                                        Electrotechnical Institute of Communication (Technical University), Samara, Russia.


HARDWARE:                        IBM PC and compatibles, HP Instruments

SOFTWARE:                        Windows 95/98, MS-DOS , C++, Fortran, Word,  Matlab, Microsim Design Lab, HP 

                                               Touchstone, Microwave Office, Cadence, OrCAD, 



07/2000-present                    Senior Engineer, Gennum Corporation, Canada

                                                         Development and CAD of analog high-speed integrated circuits and PCB


1/89 – 5/2000                       Researcher, Predoctoral Researcher, Associate Professor, Professor,  Research Laboratory Head

                                        Moscow State Institute of Electronics and Mathematics (Technical University)

As a member of team or head took part in several government and commercial projects in the field of airspace engineering and telecommunications. Developed and designed microwave devices for different purposes.

Proposed a new type of electromagnetic signals with digitally modulated spatial structures of their electromagnetic fields. Passive subpicosecond components for digital signal processing were proposed and designed.

On the base of similarity with optical holographic devices a new type of electronic high density integrated circuits was proposed by the applicant (computer digital, multi-valued, quasineural circuits, radar applications, data processing for super high-speed effect measurements).

Proposed, developed and designed multivalued logical circuits and principles of their integration into a specialized signal processor.

Proposed to use the similarity between quantum mechanics and electromagnetic mode physics for development new circuits having the same logic as quantum circuits. Developed and created new quantum –like logical circuits.

Suggested and developed a new qualitative approach to the theory of boundary problems of electromagnetism and effective computer programs for modeling microwave devices.

Took part at collaboration with the American Association of Inventors and Authors in creating a data-base of Hi-Tech Production of Russian Scientists and Researchers. As well as, he was a Scientific Consultant and Representative of a German firm (OKOAkademconsult) in Canada and the USA

8/94 - 11/97                              Head of a Project, Department-Head (Part-Time)

                                        Research Institute of Promising Technology, Russian Academy of Natural Sciences

Guennadi Kouzaev


Managed a project on creating high-sensitive instruments for testing and processing bioelectromagnetic signals of microwave and millimeter wave range. A decimeter wave radiometer and millimeter wave multi-channel radiovision system were created by staff of the department and a laboratory of the Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics. For signals processing the statistics and stochastic dynamics methods were used. Existence of strange attractors of microwave bioelectromagetic signals was revealed firstly. It allowed to study a "semantic" problem of microwave bioelectromagnetic signals. A possibility of quasineural processing spatially modulated signals by passive natural and artificial structures was showed and new microwave quasineural circuits were suggested


4/84 - 1/89                              Engineer-Researcher

                                        Russian Research Institute of Space Instrument Design, Moscow

Using HP computers and instruments designed and tested microwave planar and 3D-electronics components for airspace applications, developed Fortran programs for calculation of performances of microwave passive components. Implemented elements of new microwave three -dimensional circuits in air&space electronics


11/80 - 12/83                              Postgraduate Student

                                        Institute of  Radio Engineering and Electronics, USSR Academy of Science,  Moscow

Developed a theory of multilevel slot transmission lines and their discontinuities by using a rigorous integral equation and variational methods. The created programs allowed to calculate propagation constants and electromagnetic fields of fundamental and higher modes of the multilevel transmission lines and scattering matrixes of their discontinuities. Implemented the created software for CAD of new microwave three-dimensional integrated circuits. in airspace and telecommunication industry


1997                                        Russia Government Prize in the Field of Science and Engineering

1990                                        USSR Government Prize for Young Scientists

1980                                        MS Diploma with Honour



2000-present                           Member of Board of Directors of Alliance of Technology and Science Specialists of        

                                                Toronto Inc., Canada

2000                                        Program Committee  Member of the International SPIE Conf. On Terahertz

                                                Electronics and Photonics (San Diego, USA)

2000  -present                         Associate Member of the World Academy of Ecology

2000-present                           Deputy-Editor of International Journal Ecology-21 Century (Moscow-Berlin)

2000-present                           Co-Editor of El. Journal on Wave Physics and Radiotechnical Systems

1999                                  Co-Chair of the Int. SPIE Conf. on Terahertz and Gigahertz Photonics (Denver, USA)

1999,2000,2001                       Organization Committee Member, Session Chair. 6th     and 7th  Int. Conf. on            

                                                Electrodynamics and Technique of Microwave and EHF (Samara, Russia)

1999 -present                          American Association of Inventors and Authors, Member

1998- present        Editorial Board Member, Journal for Wave Physics and Radioengineering  Systems, Russia.

1996-present        Trans Black Sea Region Sci. Union of Applied Electromagnetism, Greece, Member

1982-present               Scientific and Technical A.S. Popov –Society for Radio Engineering,

                                         Electronics and Telecommunications, Russia, Member

1976 -present              Russian Society of Inventors, Member



PUBLICATIONS AND PATENTS: more than 90 papers, abstracts (Russia, USA, France, Netherlands, Spain…), and 13 patents (Russia)