Mykhaylo Levantsevych
A Marine Engineer, State Marine Academy, Odessa
Ukraine (1984), Batumi Marine College,
Georgia (1975)

Specialized experience:
Expertise in operation and maintenance, testing, diagnosis, repair and adjustment of
any types of engines of internal combustion, oil pumps, separators, cooling pumps,
steering machines and servo, diesel generators, boilers and other machinery and auxiliary equipment aboard a ship (including automated vessels) and on a dockyard. Possess strong diagnostic abilities and troubleshooting skills. Has experience in working with companies of many countries around the world, such as Greece, Turkey, Malta, Arab Emirate, Singapore, Iran and other.

Main duties included:
In operation and maintenance of the Marine power plants :
Designing drawings, specification for machines and components, power transmissions systems
Inspected and examined machinery and equipment to detect and investigate irregularity and malfunctions
Adjusted machinery and repair or replaced defective parts
Assembled machinery and equipment prior to installation
Maintenance of machinery and equipment

As Marine Engineer-Water Transport on the ships: "Iran Bahonar", Islamic Republic of Iran (1995-1997) ;
"Osiris-1", Greece, Piraeus (1993-1995); "Georgian Shipping Co.", Batumi, Georgia (1974-1993):

Determined optimal duties for the ship's mechanics and co-ordinate activities of engine room crew
Conducted tests and analyses of machines, components and materials to determine their performance
Conducted control of technical condition, fire-prevention measures and trouble free operation of the engine room
Prepared cost and material estimates
Inspected and conducted maintenance and emergency repair

Was involved in development and testing of new schemes for improvement of fuel combustion in engines of internal combustion, for use of lubrication systems for cylinder-piston group of diesel engine, for maximum utilization of waste heat from engine and increase of the efficiency of the main engine.

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