Physiotherapist-Paramedical Diploma, Medical College, Lviv, Ukraine


Massage Therapy Courses, North York, Ontario
Major: Massage Therapy

Relevant Experience:

-Over 20 years experience in Physical Therapy field
-Successful experience as an assistant of a physiotherapy: carry out,
under physiotherapist direction, more than 10
modalities, such as massage, thermotherapy, traction, hydrotherapy and others.

Work History (1980-present):

-High Park Physiotherapy & Sports Medicine Clinic, Toronto, Ontario.
-City Hospital #2, named after A.S. Pushkin, Lviv, Ukraine.

Personal Characteristics:
Hard working, team player and good communicator, caring,
accurate, neat and orderly.

Looking for:

-job as Physical Rehabilitation Technician;
-partner, having license for physiotherapy, to open joint Physiotherapy Office or
Want to acquire a small Physiotherapy office for reasonable price.