Roman Mets
Master Degree in Civil Engineering,
Kiev Polytechnic University, Kiev, Ukraine (1973),
Vice-President of ATSS

Over fifteen years of experience in engineering, designing, inspection and testing of steel and concrete structures systems
- Successful experience of engineering/inspection in reinforced concrete and steel heavy
   construction industry
- Broad experience in solving design, manufacturing and construction technical problems
- Experience effectively in selecting and implementing methods of construction
- Expertise in rehabilitation and restoration of steel and post-stressed concrete structures
- Skilled in reinforced concrete prefabrication
- Broad experience in site supervising of bridges, tunnels, dams, high-rise buildings
- Superior organization skills efficient in handing administrative duties
- Strong analytical, troubleshooting and problem solving skills
The Main Designs:
- Participated in design and construction of steel structures for Bancroft Power Station
  Penstock Rehabilitation (Ontario).
- New technologies for 300 m-long steel span structures of bridge across Dnieper River
- Developed construction method of 130 m-high pylon and steel cables for bridge support

Toronto, Ontario

Toronto, Ontario
Bridge Building Co. # 1, ("Moststroi - 1")
Kiev, Ukraine