Fedir Yegorochkin
Mechanical Engineer, Inventor.

Graduated from the Institute of Agriculture Mechanization Engineers of the Ministry of Agriculture of the USSR, Moscow. Has an invention in the sphere of design of high capacity and ecologically safe engines, replacing internal combustion engines.

On the basis of my invention and under my direct supervision there wasdesigned compressor of a new type and controlled operating engine.
Compressor is of high capacity, but bantam . There was manufactureddevelopment type test specimen (Department of Makeevsk Engineering-Construction Institute and Scientific-productive Co-operative, Donbass, Ukraine) .

An engine, created on the basis of this compressor, can operate in working, idling, compressor modes as well as in reverse and recuperation modes.

Block, consisted of controlled operating engine, outside heater and cooler, forms propulsion engine, which is capable to replace internal combustion engines at all types of transport.

As fuel there could be used gas or other different types of oil fuels, herewith there is no need to change the construction structure of the unit.

The following advantages are obvious if to compare this engine with internal combustion engine:

-size and weight are 2-3 times less. This engine is simple in structure and technological in production.

-there is 1.5-2.0 times reduction in fuel consumption herewith efficiency is equal to 45-50% .

-ecologically safe and clean. There are no carbon dioxide, carbon black, toxic lead and nitric agents in back-ends.

-there is no more necessity for clutch, gear-box, transmission, and other auxiliary transmissions and accessories.

-this engine can be used in construction, agriculture, manufacturing and transport industries.

I am ready to supply you with more detailed information on this invention as well as negotiate the possible ways of cooperation with persons and companies, possessing sufficient financial resources and interested in realization of this projec with aim to get serious profits.