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Objective:  The opportunity to utilize background and experience in Management, Financial Planning, Purchasing, Industrial Engineering.




·	Extensive experience in management, purchasing and industrial engineering
·	Solid hands-on experience with ISO 9000 Certification
·	Results-driven, analytical industrial engineer experienced in, purchasing and Bill of Materials (BOM) development, Material Requirements Planning (MRP), scheduling, contract negotiation and complex program management with suppliers
·	Maintained track record of successful performance in purchasing, market research, customer and product classification, competitor analyses, direct responses, pricing and profit analyses, production and sales strategies
·	Streamlined operations which saved the company over $90,000 in annual operating expenses
·	Ensured effective systems were in place for inventory management, MRP, scheduling, purchasing and BOM development which reduced company costs by $200,000
·	Computer Skills: Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, DOS, Windows NT, and Windows 98/95.

















Professional Experience




·        Managed the procurement of parts and materials for complicated devices requiring extensive knowledge of the electronic and mechanical fields

·        Issued purchase orders using MRP systems and ensured mechanical and electronic parts, components and assemblies were received as required

·        Located preferred suppliers and negotiated long term agreements

·        Issued and verified purchase orders and ensured parts and components were bought on time and at target cost

·        Verified invoices for payments to ensure accuracy, timeliness and minimize disruption of payments

·        Identified, quantified and implemented cost reduction initiatives saving 18% of costs annually ($200,000) through the following techniques:

1.      Identifying and implementing contracts with alternate domestic and international suppliers from Canada, USA, Taiwan, Israel and Eastern Europe

2.      Increasing the number of purchasing transactions contacted through E-commerce

3.      Negotiating long term agreements and decreasing purchasing rates

4.      Monitoring and reducing inventory using “Just In Time” concept

5.      Co-ordinating requirements with Customer Service, Inventory, Engineering, Manufacturing and Shipping departments

6.      Decreasing shipment costs by 27% ($25,000)

7.      Outsourcing tooling maintenance



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Engineering/ Managing/ Marketing



·        Developed, implemented and maintained manufacturing methods, processes and operations for new and existing products, parts and components

·        Structured and facilitated problem analyses and resolution programs

·        Conducted production plans, ensuring customer satisfaction

·        Created the forecast planning system

·        Managed prototype development, testing, troubleshooting and ensured quality control

·        Calculated production needs of tools and materials by evaluating profitability of new equipment, technologies and resources

·        Developed and implemented new product marketing plans to correspond with technical developments for product launches

·        Conducted job interviews, evaluated and trained staff in production and purchasing areas

·        Supervised production  and purchasing departments

·        Implemented a formal client contact program to maintain positive client relationships and to increase repeat sales

·        Researched and analysed market trends to determine price for new products

·        Collaborated on contracts with customers to develop technical proposals

Employment History


Insurance Broker Guidelite Financial Network LTD., Toronto, ON                                           2000 – Present

Purchaser, CashCode Inc., Concord, ON                                                                                                     1999 – 2000


Industrial Engineer, American Faucet Inc., Concord, ON                                                          1999


Purchaser, AEROMAOZ Ltd., Jerusalem, Israel                                                                            1993 – 1998


Industrial Engineer, AEROMAOZ Ltd., Jerusalem, Israel                                                          1990 – 1993


Industrial Engineer, Tashkent Tractor Plant, Tashkent, Russia                                                 1982 – 1989


Professional Training

Diploma with Honours  Business Administration                                                                 2000-2001

Toronto School of Business, Toronto, Canada


Certificate in Support, Service and Marketing of Personal Computer                        1998

College of Business Administration and Information Technology, Jerusalem, Israel


Course in Production and Purchasing Management                                                            1997

Tel-Aviv University, Tel-Aviv, Israel


Upgrading Course in Industrial Engineering                                                                        1990

College of Computers and Technology, Jerusalem, Israel




BSc., Mechanical Engineering

Polytechnic University of Tashkent




English · Russian · Hebrew


References Available upon Request