Dmytro Zelinsky

M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering,
National Technical University of Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine (1997).
Major: Computerized Systems of Experimental Research.

- Result-oriented professional with 7 years experience in Computer Programs Design
- Expertise in computer applications development, testing and maintenance
- Hard working and team player
- Adaptable, detail-oriented, responsible individual
- Member of "Alliance of Technology and Science Specialists of Toronto Inc."
Computer systems: IBM PC and compatibles
Programming languages: Assembler, C, C++, BASIC, PASCAL
Operating systems: WINDOWS, MS DOS (v.6.22)
Micro-Software: Windows/95, Widows for Workgroups,
Windows/NT, EXCEL, Norton Utility, Turbo Pascal, FoxPro, Powerpoint
Other Facilities: Orcad, PS Pice, PC Tools, PCAD, MathCAD
SPECIALIZED EXPERIENCE: Scientific program development
Computer Programmer 1991 - 1998
"COMEL Ltd.", Kiev, Ukraine
- Wrote computer programs, software packages
- Testing, debugging and implementation of computer programs
- Maintained existing program and solved computer problems
English, Russian, Ukrainian
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