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Please be advised that our next meeting will take place: 2 October (Thursday ) in 7:00 PM Address: 4600 Bathurst Street (Lipa Green Building), Room 419 (Free parking)


  1. Scientific approach to forecast in 21 century. (Presentation of monograph)

    (Section “Professional Club”)

  2. Any other business

Author of monograph will provide critical analysis of different kind predictions and forecasts in 21 century and his own suggestions based on a scientific approach. Everybody welcome for discussion of this subject.

Alliance runs a number of innovative Projects in field of Environment, Health care, Information info-structure, Artificial Intelligent, and others.

Board of Directors are welcome all people who like to be inform more detailed about the Projects and opportunities to be involved in developments.

Canadian experience and references will be available for volunteer-participant in the Projects.

For additional information, please call: (905) 889-4948 (Natalia) or (905) 508-8423 (Tatiana)

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