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Next seminar of ATSS will take place:

June 29-th, 2006 in 7:00 PM


4600 Bathurst Street (Lipa Green Building), Room 423

(Free parking)



  1. Professional club (Section “Medicine and medical equipment”) “Diagnosis and treatment (include oncology) with extremely high-frequency radiation devices”
  2. Professional Orientation and adaptation: ATSS initiatives for a new programs from professional orientation to job placement
  3. Any other business

Everybody welcome to participate in the seminar.

Under ATSS Programme “Professional Orientation and adaptation” members of ATSS in co-operation with professionals in field of “Carrier Planning and Job Placement” are offering their assistance to newcomers and other specialists:

  • Professional orientation in Canadian Job Market, learning of how to transfer your professional background into Canadian employers requirements.
  • Selection of the most applicable occupation and position for your skills, knowledge and experience.
  • Inquire the best way to reach selected occupation and position through the networking.
  • Development personal and specific strategy for job search,
  • Obtain the specific information about requirements of Canadian employers for selected occupation, by the consultation with experienced Canadian specialists.
  • Participation in seminars and discussions in Professional Club of ATSS.
  • Participation in development of the ATSS projects, with goal to improve your professional skills, obtain Canadian experience and reference.
  • Alliance runs a number of innovative Projects in field of Environment, Health care, Information info-structure, Artificial Intelligent, and others.

Board of Directors are welcome all people who like to be inform more detailed about the Projects and opportunities to be involved in developments.

Canadian experience and references will be available for volunteer-participant in the Projects.

For additional information, please call: (905) 763-2625 or (905) 508-8423

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