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Day of Culture

will take a place

October 13, in 2:00 ÐÌ

at address:

Yonge 8131 auditorium # 204 (Yonge & Center Str.)

Dear Colleague,

Board of ATSS is pleased to invite you to visit ATSS theatrical studio “BRAVO” for a one day Competitions of Children’s recitation.

Please, come in and bring your children to see the competition of reciters - students

of theatrical studio lead by actress Tatyana Stolnits (Russia, Israel, Canada)

Children will just first time in their life compete each with other in recitation of Russian poetry using a Russian language.

After competition will take place a concert of Georgian-Canadian singer Diana Irameshvili (Russian and Georgian romances)

For more detailed information, please call Tatyana Stolnits: Ò.: 416-556-5906

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