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Next seminar of ATSS will take place:

February 7-th 2008 in 7:00 PM


4600 Bathurst Street (Lipa Green Building), in the Library Boardroom, 4-th floor

(Free parking)



  1. Professional club:
      Discovery of Short-term Living Strain-Structures in Lithosphere and a New Methodology of Strong Earthquake Prediction.
      Presentation of a new advanced telephone multilevel communication company ACN legally came to the Canadian market.
  2. Any other business
  3. Culture programme: ATSS Theatre-Studio “BRAVO” invited for “The King’s new dress”, January 18, 7:30 pm, at Yourk Wood Library, 1785 Finch Ave. West

Everybody, specialists, businesses welcome to the seminar. BOARD of ATSS invited you to participate in Professional club for discussion of some results of the scientific Discovery dealing with the appearance-destructions of short-term living strain-structures in Lithosphere (The Vartanyan - Koulikov Hydro geological Effect that are given and new approaches to the problem of strong earthquake prediction on the basis of strain field evolution peculiarities are discussed.

You will also become aware how ACN financial appreciation System is giving to every active personality real financial opportunity and independence.

Board of ATSS also would like to discuss with audience the upcoming event: Forum-2008 “Immigrants intellectual potential – to Canadian economy and Society”. The Forum will be support by the government, municipal organizations and businesses. We will very appreciate your opinion and suggestions, as well as help.

Advertising Agents! In Alliance you have an opportunity to get a job with a good salary.

Alliance runs a number of innovative Projects in field of Environment, Health care, Information info-structure, Artificial Intelligent, and others.

Board of Directors are welcome all people who would like to be informed in more detail about the Projects and opportunities to be involved in developments. Canadian experience and references will be available for volunteers-participants in the Projects.

For additional information, please call: (905) 763-2625 or (905) 508-8423

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