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about Seminars that took place in March 2-nd, 2006 in 7:00 PM

at address:

4600 Bathurst Street (Lipa Green Building), Room 421

The subject of Professional club Seminar was: “The new gold fever is coming in The Canada North”- Report of 6 year inquire.

Prof. Abrol Kakharov presented a brief Report with the preliminary results of research and pre-design study of processing of the Whitehorse Copper tailings.

The work was done by the group of experts: Anvar Baymuhamedov (Ph.D. in Geology), Sergey Borminski (Ph.D. in Chemistry), Dina Ermekbayeva (Ph.D. inGeology), Lolita Kakharova (Ph.D. in Geological Engineering), Maya Sagdieva (Ph.D. in Biology) under management of Prof. Abrol Kaharov.

The study was aimed on search of the technological ways of processing of Whitehorse Copper tailings meeting the requirements of the environmental protection and ensuring economic profitability.

Practical meaning of work consists in research and introduction of modern methods of treatment of copper that contain tailings in specific environment of the Canadian North (Yukon) with obtaining of conditional concentrates and materials for the subsequent processing and use, as well as cleaning of the territory covered with tailings dumps from the saturated concentration of iron and other metals. This will allow the mentioned area to be useful in the future and could provide a number of new job positions for Whitehorse residents.

As a result of preliminary study, the complex scheme of processing and upgrading of tailings of copper-enrichment manufacture as "Know-How" has been developed and approved and a combined way of extraction and processing using of the technology, patented in republic Uzbekistan # 02800 (Authors: Aronovich V.L., Borminskiy S.I., Sagdiyeva M.G., Sanakulov C.C.) is offered.

Studies were carried out by Alotila Minerals Ltd, laboratories of Institute of Microbiology of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan, and in University in Toronto using samples kindly provided by Mr. Brian Scott (Whitehorse). Analyses were made in Lakefield, Ontario and some laboratories of Research Centres in city of Tashkent

The total volume of tailings is estimated as 10 million tons and the value of containing in it commodities comprises "X" millions of dollars. Researches have shown an opportunity of effective extraction of the basic valuable components and associated elements from tailings of copper-enrichment manufacture, and satisfactory re-cultivation of the by-products of secondary processing.

The group of authors makes selection of the equipment and technology for development and enrichments, and necessary materials for extraction of useful components from tailings.

The plan and the schedule of work on processing of all volume of tailings is developed. The number and qualification of workforce, quantity of shifts and workdays in a year are determined. Period of an enterprise activity and a recoupment are defined. The calculated value of extracted commodities comprises "Y" million dollars.

Conclusions and the recommendation:

  1. Preliminary results of research and feasibility study of tailings processing of the Whitehorse Copper show a technical opportunity and economic expediency of involvement above-mentioned tailings into production.
  2. From February 10, 2006 to continue research in conjunctions with the report of scientific session of experts of the Institute of Microbiology of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan and Alotila Minerals Ltd. using specification of the rules of offered by the technological process.
  3. With the purpose of verification of technical parameters of the technology of processing of stale tailings of the Whitehorse Copper in large scale to consider as expedient the development of the project of a pilot plant directly on the place with capacity of 100-1000 tons (to determine by the project).
  4. Provide information to persons and organizations interested in the project about preliminary results of research and pre-design study of processing of tailings of tailings of the Whitehorse Copper.
  5. Register due hereunder Canada protection of the rights and authorships of the offered proposal on involvement of tailings of the Whitehorse Copper in processing.
  6. In process of discussion Prof. Kakharov express his willing to co-operate with anybody who will be interested to participate in visiting of Whitehorse at this summer. Some of participants put in their names on a List.

    Second Seminar “Professional orientation & adaptation in Canada” was shortened by time. The basic subject was networking: ATSS got request for Mechanical Engineer, Designer and Mr. Guitberg has provided this information to auditorium.

    The new volunteers for participation in the ATSS projects were registered.

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