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Information about children’s competition of

ATSS theatrical Studio “BRAVO”

(lead by actress Tatyana Stolnits (Russia, Israel, Canada)


8131 Yonge Street, room 204

Board of ATSS is pleased to inform our members that ATSS theatrical studio “BRAVO” one day Competitions of Children’s recitation passed very successfully.

Children just first time in their life have competed each with other in elocution of Russian poetry using a Russian language (see photo). They have recited Russian poetry to the audience. It was poetry the famous Russian poets, such as Zvetaeva, Harms, Oster, Ahmadulina and others. Jury has stated the value of recite using four criteria: understanding of poem, voice/projection, dramatic skills, emotionality.

All participants received as a present the book “Krilov’s fables”. Main prizes awarded to winners were perfectly published books of the most favorite authors.

For children, they’re parents and other participants of the events actress Tatyana Stolnits also has recited poetry.

After competition took place a concert of Georgian-Canadian singer Diana Irameshvili (Russian and Georgian romances)

All guests had opportunity to win some presents in quiz.

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